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Pilates with Cheaulyn
(Reformer, Mat, Chair and Barrels)

Cheaulyn Ng

Stott Pilates Reformer Certified Instructor

Stott Pilates Prenatal Pilates on the Mat

Stott Pilates Prenatal Matwork with Stability Ball and Flex Band

Stott Pilates Chair, Barrels and Cadillac trained

TRX STC Certified

My journey with Pilates began when I sought treatment for chronic knee pain and was introduced to this transformative practice by a physiotherapist. Not only did Pilates rehabilitate my knee, but it also brought about a remarkable improvement in my energy levels and posture. Inspired by the profound benefits I experienced, I became driven to share this transformative practice with others.

Under the guidance of my physiotherapist, I discovered the power of a mindful approach to movement—a deliberate and unhurried practice that emphasizes breath awareness and reprogramming faulty movement patterns. I also learned the significance of preparing the body through meticulous micro movements and exercises. Throughout my journey, I have been fortunate to learn from esteemed Stott Pilates mentors who have greatly influenced my understanding of form and effective movement sequencing. Their wisdom and expertise have been instrumental in shaping me as both a practitioner and instructor.

In my classes, we utilise the Pilates reformer, chair, mat, and arc barrels for a full body workout tailored to your specific needs. I am dedicated to helping you cultivate a connection with your body through mindful movement. My aim is for you to explore new movement patterns and discover more efficient ways of moving, building strength and flexibility. I utilise a combination of bodyweight, props, and resistance training to challenge and support your journey. I take immense joy in guiding my students as they reconnect with their bodies and unlock their full potential.

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