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Where grown-ups and kids discover new passions that provide them a lifetime of joy in learning and practice.

Where children learn for the joy of learning.

Where adults find their tribe.

Where couples find joy discovering new activities together.

We host small group workshops, regular classes and interest groups. We specialise in activities that require discipline and practice, that nurture the mind, body, or spirit; because we believe in developing healthy traits that contribute to personal growth and a fulfilled, quality life.

If there's something new you'd like to try with a group of friends, let us know and we'll make it happen.

Follow us on instagram to keep abreast of upcoming workshops, become a subscriber (free) to gain priority booking to our events.

Why the name My Music Playground?

My Music Playground began as a piano studio offering a fun and non-traditional method of learning. As the space evolved, it became a playground for hosting our favourite activities, beyond music. We hope to introduce new music to you, as you engage in activities.


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