My child has very short attention span. I don’t think she’s ready for a one hour class.

My Music Playground programs are designed to capture the attention of young children through the use of fun and exciting materials.  Lessons are structured to alternate between singing, keyboard playing, music appreciation, and movement to music.

What are the benefits of group learning? I would like my 3 year old to enrol in private lessons.

There are numerous benefits to group learning. Firstly, music is a social activity. Even as adults, we like to play in an orchestra or a band, or have our friends sing along as we play. This is emulated in our group classes as we participate in ensemble activities, with each person playing a different part.
Young children are motivated not to fall behind their friends and this keeps the class progressing at a steady pace. We take advantage of their competitive nature and mentality of “if my friends can do it, so can I”.
A group setting enables students to learn from each other. They learn appropriate communication skills and how to behave as an audience and performer in class.
A group environment is even highly recommended if your child is especially shy. Our classes require children to sing in Solfege, so as to attain the skills of perfect pitch. Within a private lesson setting, he/she may find it highly confronting to sing on her own.
Overall, the pace of progress and sense of fun is much quicker and higher within a group setting.

Can my helper attend lessons with my child?

Why not enrol in a weekend class as an opportunity to spend time with your child. Parent presence in My Music Playgroup and Piano for Little Fingers classes ensures each child is given guidance when new concepts are introduced, and that you can enjoy practicing at home with your child during the week.
If it is absolutely necessary that your helper attends, please make sure she understands her role in class, and that she will be the primary person to be reinforcing class activities and piano practice with your child at home.

I would like my very bright 3 year old to join the 4 year old program.

4 year olds are significantly more developed than 3 year olds in many ways. Other than increased cognitive and fine motor skills development, they would have spent more time in school and are ready to process class instructions independently. Before your 3 year old joins Piano for Little Fingers, he/she may be required to enrol in one term (2 months) of My Music Playgroup.

My child is enrolled in Piano for Little Fingers. Do I have to purchase a keyboard?

As part of your commitment to the course and in fairness to your child and classmates, you will need to have purchased a keyboard by the third lesson. Many children become discouraged when they are struggling behind their peers due to the lack of practice opportunities at home.