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Hi Everyone!

I’m very excited to introduce my friends to you!

They are people who are passionate about what they teach.

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Melody Ng

Melody is a Primary Music Teacher with extensive teaching experience at several international schools in Hong Kong. She holds a Master’s degree in Music Education from University College London and received her Kodály training with New York University. She uses play-based activities inspired by various music pedagogies to engage children in the learning of musical concepts. She will teach through whole body movement, singing and games, and students will think they’re just having fun.  Students who are taking instrumental music lessons will especially benefit from this experience, but it is not a pre-requisite.  

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Chinese Calligraphy

Oscar Yiu

Oscar has a deep love for the rich and historic art form of Chinese Calligraphy.  Through the practice of this art, he will guide you towards discovering mindfulness, self-expression and creativity.

He specializes in a unique fusion of Running(行), Cursive(草), Seal(篆), Regular(楷) & Clerical(隸) script. Find out more about Oscar on



Coach Joey Belk

A teacher by day, Coach Joey uses chess as part of a Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) approach. This year, he brought 4 teams to the Hong Kong Inter-School Chess Championships 2023 in the Primary and Primary Y1-Y3 Divisions.  "Play first, explain later" is Coach Joey's approach. He keeps lecturing to a minimum, preferring to use real game scenarios, mini games and alternative rules as learning tools. Sometimes his students invent new game ideas!

The Easter camp will give students the opportunity to rapidly improve their chess skills, starting with an introduction to chess for those new to chess, to opening goals, tactics and more advanced concepts with time in each lesson for students to practice their new skills in a lively and fun environment.


Board Games

Cheaulyn Ng (Founder, MyMusicPlayground)

 I am passionate about introducing children to the wonderful world of board games. Playing these games can be an exciting way for kids to learn important skills such as following instructions, listening, taking turns, planning ahead and problem solving. At the Easter Camp this year we will have some great options available (Nimmt 6, Dixit, Pictionary and more!) - all sure to provide hours of fun! If you're looking for something that your child can enjoy while learning valuable skills at the same time then look no further!

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